back Interview with Rui Pedro Meira, Naish Internacional Rider

Interview to Rui Pedro Meira, Naish Internacional Team by Pedro Marcos

Who are you?
- Rui Pedro Meira, im 19 years old. I started kiteboarding in 2001 because it was a new sport and i just wanted to try it.

How it feels to be an international sponsored rider?
- It's the best job in the world!!! Now I'm riding with the riders that I’m used to see in movies.

What do you do to get prepared for a contest?
- I try rest a day before, get focused in the event and forget all the other things. Sometimes work pretty well.

Do you invent new tricks, or you try to master the existing ones to perfection? Why?
- I'm always trying new tricks, and also trying to get perfection in the existing ones, but currently I'm trying wakeboard tricks with as much style as possible.

Do you like the aggressive and very technical direction kiteboarding is taking?
- I love it, but we have to consider wakeskate, sliders and waves instead of just wake style. I love every style.

You like waves? For fun or to be the wavemaster? :)
- I love waves. Currently just for fun, but with time I want to improve in wave riding.

What are the essential qualities of a good kiteboarder?
- Aggressive in the water, humble, and a little bit crazy.

Are you going to do the PKRA this year? What about the Portuguese National Tour?
- I'm still studying my calendar.

How many guys in Portugal that can beat you? And in the World? :)
- That's a hard question because if you have a bad heat you can loose for everybody, so I don't have an answer.

Your place in the PKRA this year? And in the Portuguese Tour?
- If possible 1st, but that really hard to predict.

Downloop Slimchance or Kiteloop Mobe ?
- For now just kiteloop mobe but in the future downloop slim.

No wind?
- Prepare for the days with wind

- Some

Thanks Rui for your time,
Good luck for your future as Pro Kiteboarder.

Pedro Marcos @