back For a safe kiteboarding, by IKO

Here are a few safety rules that must be applied by all kiteboarders to keep the sport safe and assure its development.

• Make sure you have the current weather report, so as not to find yourself in difficulty if the wind changes
• Inform someone about where you are and when you schedule to come back
• Choose an appropriate spot: approved by the local
authorities, without obstacles (electricity lines, trees, rocks, buildings, mountains, people on the beach, etc.)
• Check your equipment before each take-off (pre-flight check)
• Connect yourself to the bar by the leash before take-off and remain so until landing
• Wear a helmet, life jacket, harness, wet suit and correct shoes
• Make sure you do not stay on land after your wing has taken-off
• Put the leash on the board just before entering the water
• Never hold two lines at the same time
• Learn to fly your new kite in light winds
• Preferably, ask someone to help you land your kite or use a safety system
• Never pass between the kite and the kiteboarder
• Do not go farther that you are willing to swim back

IKO have two books talking about kiteboarding and safety:

- Kiteboarder WorkBook ( for begineers/intermediate)
- Kiteboarding Vision (for all)

If you want get any of this books just contact me, for more information about the book content check: