back What´s your Style? Adapt your kite and board to it ...

Like in everything, people have different opinions and like different styles.
So in this article, ill help you do adapt your kite and board to the style you like most.



Big Air and Hangtime / Board off oriented tricks:

First off all you should have a high AR kite,in takoon you should choose the Skoop.The high AR kite will give you better airtime and smooth flying. The kite it’s not so turning sensitive as medium AR kites, so you should be able to control your jump easier with only one hand on the bar (helps in board off stuff).
You should fly the kite with lines between 27-30m, and your bar should have at least 20cm of deepower cable and a harness loop or some lock system.
Remember that in this style you should be always FULL-Powered, this means close to the high end range of your kite, this way the 20cm deepower will help you to hold more wind and gain speed.


The most important thing to fly high is: going fast and edge hard at the moment of the jump. So, to be less difficult to do this, you should choose a thinner board, something between 34-36 wide and 118-125 long, depending on your weight. Big fins will help also, 7cm.

Suggestion: Skoop4 with Hervê Pro Model 125*35.


WakeStyle / Wakeboard & Downloop/Kiteloop oriented tricks:


Well in this style you don’t really need your kite to be a jumping machine; you need stable power along the wind window and fast turning. We are talking about medium AR kites, like the Wooks. You should fly the kite with lines between 24m or less (depending on the kite size), but remember, the smaller the lines the lower your kite will loop. Small lines will give you more control and direct input, this way you can work on your board to get big pops as in wakeboard. Shorter lines will also make your kiteloops and downloops look more hardcore because the kite will go deeper in the power zone. Trim your bar with a small deepower cable: 15-10cm and trim the kite to be full powered (shape not deformed) when you unhook.

You need surface to go early and land easier, small fins will help too. Go for something between 36-40 wide and 120-132 long (depending on your weight).

Suggestion: Wook3 with RSC 129*37.5, Crazy Fly 128*38 or Vegas 128*38


SurfStyle / Waveride:


Something small, máx: 12m. Always use small lines, 23m or less (depending on the wind). Medium to Low AR kites, you need fast turning, smooth power and easy deepower. A big deepower cable will also be very useful to kill the kite excess of power when you drop the wave.


Surf Board with or without straps.

Suggestion: Wook3 9.5m on 18m lines with “something ill have soon”.