Name: Pedro de Almeida Fernandes Murta Marcos

Date of Birth: 30/05/80

Live in: Vale Formoso, Algarve, Portugal

Favourite spot: Barrinha – Seaside – Faro

Have kited in: Portugal, Spain, Cabo Verde and Brasil... more to come I hope

Kite because: It’s the best sport ever!

Judge because: I'm already too old to be world champion ;)

Dislikes: No wind days when I've nothing to do

Occupation: Civil Engineer, ermm hummm yep.



My kites: Naish Torch2

My favourite kite: Small ones :)

My favourite board: Between 130-136 and lots of pop.

Current boards: 135*39



Objective: Push my limits and try to keep up with the new tricks.

Current Trick: Powered mobes and looping stuff.

Favourite trick: Always changing...


Kitesurf Experience


- IKO Instructor

- Kiteboard Tour Portugal - Vilamoura: Judge

- Kiteboard Tour Portugal - Comporta: Judge

- Kiteboard Tour Portugal - Nova Vaga: Judge

- Kiteboard Tour Portugal - Gaia: Judge

- Kiteboard Tour Portugal - Foz do Arelho: Judge

- KPWT Matosinhos - Freestyle Event: Judge


- IKO Instructor - Level 2

- Judge Instructor for Kiteboard Tour Portugal 2005

- Kiteboard Tour Portugal - Faro: Head Judge

- Kiteboard Tour Portugal - Comporta: Head Judge

- Kiteboard Tour Portugal - Viana do Castelo: Head Judge

- Kiteboard Tour Portugal - Nova Vaga: Head Judge

- Kiteboard Tour Portugal - Peniche: Head Judge

- Kite Wave Tour - Peniche: Head Judge

- PKRA - Austria: International Judge

- PKRA - Greece: International Judge

- PKRA - FuerteVentura: International Judge

- PKRA - Canada: International Judge

- PKRA - Italy: International Judge

2006 -2007

- PKRA Fixed Judge for all Season.


- Returned home and  help setting National Kitesurfing activities and events



Name: João Carlos do Adro Ataide Ferreira

Date of Birth: 20/05/84

Live in: Faro, Algarve, Portugal

Favourite spot: Barrinha (Faro), Cacela

Kite because: It’s perfect!

Occupation: Iko instructor level 2 senior/ KiteboardTour Judge



My kites: North

Why North?
Great kites and great service.

Current boards: TwinTip 135/41, Surfboard 



Objective: have fun!

Current Trick: always   changing...

Favourite trick: waves...


Kitesurf Experience

2004: IKO Kitesurf Instructor Course

2006 - Present: National Kitesurf Judge

2008 - Present: Promote and coordinate National Kitesurf activities and events